Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guidelines Remake

So, I know I don’t have many readers and have gotten only one suggestion, but I still wanted to address this.  After rereading my guidelines regarding suggestions, I realized that it is very negative, outlining what I would not do and stuff you should not suggest.  Apparently, I’ve already forgotten Rule #1 of rule making: Keep the list positive.  Maybe it’s just a teacher thing, but I think it’s good advice for any list of things that should/should not be done.  So, here’s my new list of guidelines, and while it might say basically the same things, see how much more shiny it is!

1)      Regarding comments: While students (aged somewhere between five and nine) have yet to start visiting my blog, they may in the future.  I prefer to write with clean fingers, see no real point in cursing when I can get my idea across just fine without, and expect you to extend the same respect.  Comments, good or bad, where you need to unload your f-bombs can be e-mailed to me. And yes, I will read them.
2)     Any book is fair game if the movie is a direct adaptation.  The name can be different, even.  Example: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH/The Secret of NIMH.
3)     Plays are ok – if you would like to see what I think of a play that is read at least as much as it is performed and has been turned into a movie (anything by Shakespeare seems to be fair game for this) then I have no problem reviewing it.
4)     Movies on DVD/VHS are easier for me to review – and cheaper.  These are my preferred formats, but honestly, if you really want to me to see a movie that’s in the theaters, it won’t hurt to suggest it anyway.  I could always save it for later.
5)     Comics/graphic novels are pretty cool, and the teacher in me even sees their value as a literacy building device.  And they’re easy to turn into movies because they’re pre-storyboarded.  I may do a few of these sometime; in the meantime, take a look at the other stuff I do.
6)      I may occasionally talk about other forms of entertainment that I enjoy, even the focus of the blog is on books and their movies.  If it’s got a storyline, and I notice something that I’d like to address, I’ll make the decision if I want to say something on here about it.

There.  Isn’t that better?  Not a “do not” or “will not” among them.  Use these from now on, or until I decide to update them again, because they look and feel better anyway.  And I added a little.  Tell your friends to come check me out, too, because I could totally use more readers.  Also, let me know if you think I can improve, because I need to know what people want to read in order to be able to give it to them.  That’s it!  I’ll have another post up soon.  Maybe I’ll even start to schedule these things so I’m not frantically looking around for a book to read at the last minute.