Monday, December 13, 2010

Going to Grinchmas

Ok, so this is a few days late, but that's partly because I've been sick and partly because I wanted to go back and get pictures.  I don't have pictures (yet) because I forgot my camera the first time, and have been sick since.  If I go back before Grinchmas ends, I'll post up some pics for you all to ooo and aah at.

The day I posted the How the Grinch Stole Christmas review, I went to Universal Studios.  I live in Orlando and I have the super-special-get-everything annual pass for the park (shameless brag alert), and I had already planned to go with some friends, completely forgetting that Grinchmas was on (otherwise I would have remembered my camera, because how freaking awesome would that have been!)

For those that don't know, Grinchmas is a holiday attraction that Universal Studios has during the holiday season (when else) in the Seuss Landing area of Islands of Adventure. During the event, Whos walk around Seuss Landing chatting in character to guests and engaging in various hijinks - I saw one Who lasso another with tinsel garland, for instance. I was impressed with the makeup on them - not much more than a prosthetic nose like the ones used in the movie - but I still thought it was neat, especially since part of their act was talking.

There is a show, which is a retelling of the story with both movie and book elements. The Whos are materialistic, Cindy Lou has her yuletide doubts, but since it's only 25 minutes itself there isn't much development of the Grinch's relationship with anyone, and we are back to the Grinch just wanting to be left alone, and being the redeemed villain. The Grinch is especially entertaining, at least in the show I saw, but I think I may have more of a tolerance for silly, cheesy humor when it's a Universal Studios theme park show.

It's a cute experience all around, and if you are in the area, and either have an annual pass or have the money to visit Universal, stop by Seuss Landing while you are there. Chat with some Whos. See the show. Maybe you'll get ambushed by the Grinch himself. And have a happy wintery holiday of your choice and a wonderful New Year!

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