Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hiatus returned

Um…  uh… ok… so, uh, I got really busy and ended up sort of taking a hiatus, unintentionally.  I actually did have something lined up and read in time, but then a lot of stuff happened all at once and so here I am, six months later, with no new posts.  Well, I have a new one coming, and yeah it’s the one I was doing before the hiatus.  I wanted to let my four readers know that I have not given up on this project, and still want to go on.  I was thinking of occasionally doing video post, but that may end up taking more time, so if I do end up doing that it will be a little while off when I am much less busy with school.  Let me know what you think of the idea (if no one says anything, I’ll assume you all think it’s a totally AWESOME idea.)  And all of you who tell me in person how much you like stuff on here – I could totally use the ego boost… I mean encouragement on the site itself.  Let other people who stumble onto my corner of the interwebz that you like this blog by leaving a comment on the posts.  Ok, so that’s it.  I’m back, The Little Mermaid is on the way, and I think I’ll add a new panel thingie to show what I plan on doing next.  Hopefully that will keep me on track.

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